Culinary Arts is an American 2011 computer animated fantasy-comedy film. The film follows an ordinary man who is given god like cooking abilities by the soul of a recently deceased celebrity chef, after he becomes a celebrity chef himself, a processed food company takes notice of his abilities and attempts to bribe him into selling his soul to the company.

Plot Edit

There was once a chef only known as Sarki. He was one of, if not, the best at his craft. At only the age of 15, he had opened 9 restaurants, all of them being rewarded Michelin stars. Overtime he built up a net worth of $370 million.

But then one day, tragedy struck. Sarki had died from what he loved, cause of death caused by jumping into a giant pan of hot frying oil to save his dog who had jumped in.

Meanwhile, there is another man, James Williams, who we are introduced to. He's an ordinary man with a dead end desk job in the city. He hasn't got much going for him, he's in a failing relationship and he's blown every choice of success life has given him, no one ever really thought he would become successful.

Until one fateful night, the soul of Sarki was exploring the earth, looking for a person he could make his skills live on in. He ends up at James' apartment. In it now, the soul of Sarki preforms a spell on James to grant him his godly cooking abilities, but James is awoken by the sounds of Sarki doing the spell and he begins to freak out but is knocked out by Sarki so he can continue the spell. Then, Sarki was done and he disappeared to meet with higher beings.

The next morning, James wakes up, with no recollection of what happened last night, he goes downstairs to make some breakfast, half awake, he breaks some eggs into a bowl and stirs it together, and unknowingly makes a premium quality quiche.

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