Density is an American 1979 psychological crime drama. It follows Melvin Diac, a detective haunted by the death of his lover, who starts to suspect one of his co-workers is a murderer while investigating the murder of a woman.

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Set in the 1970s, our main character Melvin Diac and his girlfriend are seen watching an average monster movie, a deformed creature invades a city with many fake looking deaths while scientists attempt to stop it.

With rather unfavorable thoughts of the movie, Melvin and his girlfriend go back home but during their drive, they're suddenly stopped by a car to which a masked individual exits, all of a sudden the masked man shoots at Melvin's car, with intentions of killing him and his girlfriend.

After a small chase hat eventually leads into a subway, Melvin does manage to apprehend him, but the assailant slices his hand with a knife he suddenly draws out. The assailant then spots a train that is being boarded and gets on it, and Melvin is left on the ground in pain while the assailant gets away.

While being treated by some nearby pedestrians, Melvin immediately gets up and runs out of the subway to his car, which some people are looking at. Melvin opens the car door and is greeted to a rather gruesome sight, the corpse of his girl, still in a sleeping state, with bullet holes in her head and upper body.

A few years later, still damaged emotionally from the event, Melvin gets ready for another day at the station, but as he leaves his apartment, Melvin suddenly is introduced to Howard, a young man who's moving in next door. They have a rather rocky start with a friendship.

At the station, we get introduced to Melvin's co-workers, Harvey, Nathaniel & Mark. Harvey seems a bit miffed that there hasn't been any cases as of recent. Melvin and the others don't seem too negative about the lack of cases.

In the middle of the night, Melvin is awoken by a phone call, which happens to be one of his co-workers notifying him a recently committed crime.

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