Desecko is a 1980 science fiction animated film directed by Victor Yearts and written by Yearts, Noelle Bradford and Oren Wright. The film follows Kian, a teenager travelling the deserts of a dystopian run down earth along with a makeshift computer with a human intelligence called ETOS, who are trying to find Kian's family, along the way, they encounter strangers and freaks, a mysterious woman and question their meaning in the world.

Plot Edit

A long time ago, a young woman is killed by a humanoid creature only known as the Sandman. This is shown in a stencil style.

We then cut to our protagonist, Kian, a young teenage traveller, who has woken up from what seems like a bad dream, he is seen in a large tent, shortly after awaking, he crawls over to a makeshift computer and turns it on. We are shown that it is called ETOS (Electronic Talking Operating System).

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Trivia Edit

  • Victor Yearts, Noelle Bradford and Oren Wright had been working on this film since the release of their first film, The Traveller & The Birdwoman.
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