Dreamstate is a Canadian-American 1988 animated science fiction film written & directed by Victor Yearts. The film follows a young woman who discovers a set of equipment thrown out by the US military that can allow her to explore people's dreams.

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In a small, crowded apartment, we are introduced to a a young woman, Eve, a raccoon who while unemployed, is rather skilled in computing. Her bedroom is mainly populated with computers and sketches for what is a computer game, most of her days are spent in her bedroom, working on her game, listening to Kraftwerk and watching laserdiscs.

One day, she gets a phonecall, it's from her boyfriend Markus, who has been on a trip in Europe for a few months now, he is finally coming back tomorrow, and is excited to see Eve again. Eve wants to get a present for him, so she heads off to her local thrift store to get something he may like.

While browsing, she encounters a pair of abstract looking computer equipment and gathers some interest, she asks for the price of the equipment, and it's price is about all the money she has with her, after some thinking, she buys the equipment.

Back at home, she examines the parts, she connects it to her main computer, it's installed with an operating system she's never seen before. After imputing some commands, a radio antenna suddenly emerges from the computer, with the computer screen asking for headphones to be imputed. Before anything else can happen, she hears a knock at the door.

It's Markus, they share a hug and she greets him in. He talks about his time in Europe and then takes note of some records he sees on a shelf, he takes a look at them, and is confused by the amount of film soundtracks Eve has, she points out they're laserdiscs. She turns on one of them and they watch it together. Later in the night, Eve awakes in the middle of the night, she makes way to her bedroom to go to check back on the computer she got in the thrift shop, she does everything that happened before knocked.

When the headphone prompt comes up, she grabs a pair and plugs them in, she puts them on and immediately starts to convulse, after which she experiences a bunch of trippy colorful images until she finds herself in a tall skyscraper, shortly after she finds someone who looks like her neighbor breaking into it, before anything else can happen, she is abruptly brought back to her bedroom, being shaken by Markus, who says she was convulsing heavily and had a bad nosebleed, which she notices. She has no idea what has happened.

The next morning, while entering her apartment from a trip out, she encounters her neighbor, who takes the time to tell her about their dream, it's about the same as what Eve experienced the other night. She enters her apartment, no one seems to be home. She enters her bedroom, the dream computer is still there. Having some urges to experience what happened last night again, she turns the computer on and puts some headphones on.

The convulsing is less severe this time, she seems to be growing an immunity to the computer's effects. She is now in a church, a wedding is going on, this is probably some teenager's fantasy. Eve spots a hallway and walks down it, after walking down it, the hallway seems to end and becomes something like a black void. Eve instead opens a door in the hallway and is brought into another dream, this time she's in a commercial airplane, everyone doesn't seem to like that Eve is on the plane and all of a sudden, the occupants starts to pick her up and throw her off the plane.

As she falls, she sees an ocean and upon hitting the water, she immediately gets back to the real world. She takes off her headphones and gazes at the computer, possibly considering doing it again, but before anything else can happen, Markus comes back home, Eve immediately turns the dream computer off and comes to greet Markus, he's pretty exhausted, and he crashes on the couch, falling asleep. Eve then goes back to dream exploring.

In the dream world, she is back in the wedding dream, wanting to go to another dream, she goes to a different hallway and opens a door, but before she can enter it, a voice calls out to her, she looks around and sees a new character, Mr. Halcion, a middle aged panther, Eve immediately tries to go to another dream, but grabs her by the arm to stop her, he explains himself, he is actually the creator of the dream computer, Eve doesn't believe him, but he reassures her.

He asks her to interrupt the wedding, she asks why, and he explains it's an "experiment". She really has no choice, so she obliges, she starts to cause a scene at the wedding, pushing people, notably the groom, who after pushing him, the room starts to fall apart, the dreamer is starting to awaken, Mr. Halcion asks Eve to hold his hand, she refuses. He does it anyway, as the dreamworld dissipates, Eve is brought back to the real world, but this time Mr. Halcion is with her.

He starts fumbling in a blissful shock about how he's back in the real world, Eve brings him back to his sense and wants him to explain everything about the dream computer, he explains, it started as an experiment by the US government in the Vietnam War, being used to analyse dreams of would be solders to see who would be best fit for warfare, but a malfunction in the system caused people to enter people's dreams, which the US government thought of as something similar to what Eve experienced when she had their first experiences with the computer. As a result, the government dumped the project.

Mr. Halcion kept the computer in his attic for a while, and eventually started using it again, he slowly got addicted to it's dream exploring properties, and after many uses and getting used to the side effects (convulsions, nose bleeding), and it got to a point where he transcended the real world and only existed in the dream world, but at this point, he had no means of getting out, he was stuck until Eve came along.

Eve is in disbelief, and shortly after suggests Mr. Halcion leave her apartment, as she doesn't want anyone to know what has happened, he obliges, but suggests Eve gets rid of the computer, fearing she may get stuck in the dream world. He leaves the apartment, and Eve gazes at the computer, and she gets up and puts the computer away in her closet, hoping to be forgotten forever.

The next day, while Eve is asleep, she is abruptly awoken by Markus, who is wanting her to read the newspaper, she takes a look, and she sees her face, people are now starting to report Eve being in their dreams. Markus starts an altercation with Eve, worried about what will happen next. He urges her not to go outside for her own safety.

Markus heads outside to get his mind off what he saw in the paper, we see him leaving a cafe, and we can see he is being followed by a group of three FBI agents. Now in a subway, going back to the apartment, the agents go to Markus, he faces them, weirded out by their presence. They call themselves people with his best interest at heart, they simply want him to do something for them, assassinate Eve. He obviously objects, but they give him no choice. They hand him a handgun and some gloves so he can do what they want him to do.

Back at the apartment, Eve has been in bed all day, trying to comprehend what has happened, a knock is heard at the door, she begrudgingly gets outs of bed and opens the door, it's Mr. Halcion, who takes Eve by surprise, he asks can he stay at her place, he explains that he can't find anywhere to stay, she let's him in.

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