Transcript for Dreamstate.

Script Edit


Roll opening credits.



We open on a close-up of the eyes of our protagonist, EVE. She is an anthropomorphic raccoon with shoulder length black hair. She is sleeping on a bed in a dark room, the walls of which are painted white. The bedsheets match the walls.

CUT: A clock on a bedside table. After a beat, it starts ringing. Eve's hand comes onscreen to turn it off. She is heard coming out of bed.

CUT: A record player, which is playing an LP with a black and yellow label, the turntable is grey and metallic, resembling an SL-1200. The song "Home Computer" by Kraftwerk begins to play.

CUT: Eve's computer, which resembles a Macintosh 512ke. It is sitting on a desk which is littered with drawings. Eve enters the shot and turns it on. It begins to slowly boot up.

After it is finished booting up, Eve grabs an offscreen floppy disk and inserts it into the drive.

We zoom in on the monitor of the computer. After a beat, a game appears on screen, a maze exploring game, consisting of a series randomly generated mazes for the player to explore. Eve seems to have programmed this herself. Eve begins playing the game, pressing keys on the keyboard.

CUT: Eve playing the game, we can see she is wearing a yellow tanktop with shorts.

BACK TO: The monitor, after some more exploring, a monster appears onscreen and rushes towards the player. A game over screen appears. Eve grunts in annoyance.

She takes the floppy out and puts it away. The song ends as well.


Wide shot of Eve's living room, the walls here are also painted white. A shelf containing records is seen in the background. In the foreground, Eve is seen sitting down on a couch, watching television.

CUT: The television, we can see it's playing the movie Eraserhead.

CUT: Eve, sitting on the couch, watching the movie. After a beat, ringing from an offscreen telephone is heard. Eve takes notice to this, she turns off the television and gets up from the couch.

CUT: The telephone, attached to the wall, ringing away. Eve walks up to the phone, grabs it, and puts it to her ear. The television and shelf are seen in the background.


Yeah, who is this?

We can't hear the other caller, but after a beat, Eve looks blissfully suprised.

More coming soon.

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