Transcript for Fields Of Melancholy.

Script Edit


Roll opening credits.



Crane shot of a large white house on a ranch at early in the morning.


Wide shot of the master bedroom of the house. The room's walls are painted in a dark shade of brown. The only illumination is light seen shining through the windows of the room. Two adults, a man and a woman, are seen sleeping on a king size bed. The woman is our main character, MARIE. She is a young woman with shoulder length brown hair, and is sleeping on the side facing the window. Her husband, HARRIS, is a tall man with short, slightly balding, black hair.

CUT: Front shot of Marie lying in bed. She is awake, and is looking out the window. A beat passes, and her eyes turn upward.

CUT: A grainy black and white photo of Marie and Harris on their wedding day, they both look very happy in the photo. Things were better back then.

BACK TO: Marie, her eyes bat back to where she was originally looking.

CUT: Same shot of Marie in bed, but further away. Marie proceeds to get out of bed and walks towards the window, we see she is wearing a nightgown.

CUT: The same wide shot of the bedroom, but Marie is out of bed and looking out the window.


Wide shot of a series of wheat fields, from Marie's POV. In the distance, we see a short hill with a large oak tree on top. The fields and tree's leaves are blowing in the wind.

CUT: Close up of outside the master bedroom window. Marie is there, looking on at the landscape.


Wide shot of the door in the room, Marie enters the shot and opens it.


A long hallway with many doorways, the walls are also painted brown. The master bedroom door is in the middle of the shot. The door opens to reveal Marie, she keeps on walking.


Wide shot of the bedroom of the family's children. The walls are painted in a shade of light blue. Two beds are seen on opposite sides of the screen. Two kids, both boys, are seen sleeping peacefully. Light is shining through a window in the middle, also the only source of illumination in the room.

CUT: The doorway of the room, the door opens to reveal Marie. She looks at the two sleeping boys and begins to smile, although there is a bittersweet aspect to it. She closes the door.


Side shot of a large kitchen. Marie is seen on the right side of the screen cooking a batch of pancakes in a cast-iron pan. On the other side of the screen, we see a countertop and fridge. The walls are painted black. A large window is seen above the countertop, which Marie turns to look out of.

CUT: Close up of the window, the same hill from before is seen from a distance, Marie's reflection is seen through the window on the left of the screen.

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