Fiend is a Canadian 1992 animated dark fantasy horror film written & directed by Lana Belfort. The film follows a pair of shapeshifting vampires that invade 1990s Britain.

Plot Edit

Lugosi's is a popular club occupied mostly by 20 year old ravers with no future ahead of them, acts both as a club and a hunting ground, a hunting ground for demonic vampires with shapeshifting abilities. A man who definitely has no future ahead of him falls victim to one of these vampires.

It's all over the news the next day, dubbing it the possible start of a new murderer, we are introduced to our first protagonist, Arthur, a typical nobody living in a small flat, reading the paper containing the murder story.

One late night driving after a meeting at a support group, Arthur comes across Lugosi's, he decides to make a quick decision and go into Lugosi's, after a few hours of drinking and raving to music, he heads off home.

Then, we are brought to an alleyway, where we see a man walking down it, this is Rich, our other protagonist, a self loathing vampire. After some steps he comes across some junkies, high and disconnected from life, Rich walks offscreen to the junkies, but we don't see what else happens, but he has quenched his thirst for blood on them.

The next day, while at his support group, Arthur explains his experiences at Lugosi's, describing it as lucid and ethereal, and it's unlike anything that he has ever been through.

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Cast Edit

  •  ??? as Arthur Reitz
  •  ??? as Rich Lumerat

Transcript Edit

Main article: Fiend/Transcript

Trivia Edit

  • Lugosi's, the club in the film, is named after Bela Lugosi, famous for his role as Count Dracula in 1931's Dracula.
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