Transcript for Fiend.

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Roll opening credits.



Establishing shot of Legosi's, a typical dance club of the early 90s, the building is grey in color, and there is nothing else seen on the building except for a metal door, music is heard blaring from the inside.


A wide shot of Legosi's, in all it's glory, young twenty somethings dance to hardcore breakbeat, multicolored lights shine everywhere, in the background, we see a small bar, with some people drinking at it.

CUT: At the bar, we are focused on someone sitting at the bar, this is a man, he's slightly bald with brown hair, chubby and is wearing a grey t-shirt with blue jeans. He's seems to be down on his luck.

CUT: Side shot of him, drinking a shot of some alcohol.


Hey, big man, you alright?

The man, now surprised, turns towards the woman we heard.

CUT: The woman, she's a voluptuous woman with blonde hair and is wearing a red shirt with jeans, she's everything the average man wants, although really deep down, she's a vampire that wants to seduce him.

WOMAN: (Cont'd)

Watcha doing here all alone?

CUT: Wide shot of the two, clubbers seen in the background dancing to the music.


Don't you want to come and dance with me?

The man tries to shoo her away, she doesn't look amused.


C'mon! You don't just come to a club to just drink away your sorrows, you come to these places to get drunk and dance!

The man then faces her for a moment, he then groans and obliges to her request. He gets up off the stool he is sitting on and starts following the woman.

CUT: The two, walking to the dancefloor, the man stops her for a moment.


Hey, i'm not really much of a dancer...I really only come to these places to listen to the music...

The woman looks shocked. Her eyes turn away from him for a moment.

WOMAN: about I show you a good time?

The man looks confused for a moment. He then decides to go along with what she wants, they walk offscreen.


The bathroom stalls of LEGOSI'S, it's starkly different to the dancefloor, it's looks green in color and is filthy. Moaning is heard from one of the stalls. We hear the music in the background.

CUT: Inside the stall, we see the man and woman, they are getting at it, the woman has her shirt off, they're having a good time.


We start zooming in on the woman, her moaning starts to change, turning into something more comparable to growling, her eyes start to glow a sickly yellow.

CUT: Her breasts, they start to tear open, with teeth showing, and long lizard like tongues.

BACK TO: The woman, we can hear the breast tongues latch onto the man, seemingly choking him. We zoom into the woman's face, she looks pleasured.

The tongues then pull the man towards the breast mouths, they chomp on him, blood splatters on the woman.


The entrance of the bathroom of Legosi's. The woman comes out, she's cleaned herself up, she looks around the place, hoping no one has seen her, she then walks offscreen, leaving the club.


A man walks onscreen, he's clearly drunk, he enters the bathroom.


The entrance of Legosi's, the woman comes out and walks away from the building, what has happened was just business as usual for her.

More coming soon.

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