Los Tenpurcos is a Canadian-American 1993 science fiction animated film directed by Victor Yearts and produced and co-written by Oren Wright. It follows a young girl who sneaks onto a ship to an industrial dystopian city by the name of Los Tenpurcos.

Plot Edit

The year is 2046. The world has changed since then. Some cities have become mystical utopias while some have been reduced to dystopian wastelands. Los Tenpurcos falls in the latter.

Meanwhile in a different city up north, we're introduced to one of out main characters, Alina, who is first shown shopping in a local convenience store. After purchasing her items and leaving, she is immediately targeted by a group of asian gangsters, who she seems to have stolen from.

She is chased after them, going through tunnels, eventually arriving at a harbor. She loses them temporarily, but is still worried they may find her again, looking to get away from the gangsters, she takes notice of a tanker ship, still with an open gangway, seeing this as a way to escape the gangsters, she runs to ship and enters.

After some exploring, she heads into a storage closet and heads off to sleep. We then cut to the titular city, we follow a heavily clothed man heading back to their home after a shopping trip. We get to their apartment, located in a dark alleyway. Before entering the apartment, they become suspicious of sounds they hear, and then someone jumps out, with knife in hand and ready to attack this man. The man however, manages to apprehend him before any damage can be done, the man asks this attacker his motive, but doesn't get a response in time, so in return he silences him with the attacker's knife.

The man enters his apartment, and takes his heavy amount of clothing off, and we are shown the true appearance of this man, whose name is Eddie Burbick. We are also presented another character, a woman by the name of Evelyn Boardward, who has been watching Eddie's encounter. Eddie talks about how he'll get his revenge on a certain person who wronged him.

Back to Alina, sleeping in the boat, she wakes up to see the closet door open. She peeks her head out, and eventually steps out of the closet. She walks down the ship's hallway, and hears steps, frightened, hides behind a wall, she then peeks around the corner and is greeted by the source of the steps, which turns out to be a fennec fox of all things.

Amused by what seemed scary at first, she picks up the fennec and adopts it on the spot. Now with her new friend, she walks around the ship once more and comes across a staircase, seeming to lead to the outside. She goes up the staircase and opens a door, and finally comes in contact with the outside. Walking around the ship, she goes to the stern of the ship, and is greeted with the sight of a city, a city covered in smog and skyscrapers, the one and only Los Tenpurcos.

Entranced in the sight of the city, someone calls out to her, she turns around to be greeted by a guard, who seems to have malicious intentions. With either the option of jumping off the boat or fighting the guard, she makes the more easy choice of jumping off the ship. Despite not having the best swimming skills, Alina manages to get a set of docks by a nearby port.

Inside the port now, Alina sneaks through it, looking for escape into the city. Trying to escape, she attracts the interest of two workers, who start to search for her, during the search, one of the workers head off in a different direction to look for Alina, still looking, the worker hears some sounds from one of the many tractor trailers and goes to investigate, then, Alina emerges and hits the worker on the head with a large rock, knocking them out.

Now out of the port, she explores the city, it's a dark, brooding city covered in filth and littered with mostly depraved citizens.

Back to Eddie and Evelyn, Eddie starts questioning himself, wondering whats the point in existing anymore, but Evelyn assures him he'll find the person who wronged him. Evelyn then goes to her fridge and sees she's out of some things, she asks Eddie to head off to get some food for her, he obliges.

Back to Alina exploring the city, she is called by a group of men, they are wearing black suits and are by a white van, they beckon her over, they promise to take her out of Los Tenpurcos and give her a better life, in reality, they're sex traffickers wanting to take Alina with them.

We go back to Eddie, who's on the exact same street where Alina is being asked by the suited men, he sees this, and he knows exactly who they are. Back to Alina, her fennec jumps out of her arms and runs off, scared senseless. She chases after the fennec, to which the men chase after Alina, Eddie takes this chance to enter the van and surprise attack them.

The men come back to the van, Alina and her fennec are being held by the men, they force her into the van and it close it's doors, inside the van, a scared Alina watches on as the men get into the van, but then she notices Eddie, who is calmly waiting to make the right move, he quietly asks her to look away. Just as one of the men gets ready to drive, Eddie pulls out a gun and points it at the driver, with no hesitation he pulls the trigger on the man, and aims it to the other, and pulls the trigger on them as well, Eddie then opens the van and gets Alina and her fennec out.

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Video game Edit

In 2003, a video game, Los Tenpurcos: LTPD, was released, it acts as a prequel to this film. It was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

Trivia Edit

  • Script was written in 1989.
  • Production lasted from 1990 to 1993.
  • The city of Los Tenpurcos takes influence from San Francisco and New York City.
  • Victor Yearts called this a spiritual sequel to Dreamstate.
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