Lycana is a Canadian-American 1990 animated fantasy film written & directed by Victor Yearts. The film follows a young woman cursed to be a wolf by day and human by night who finds hope in breaking the curse after an eccentric boy who has escaped from his abusive parents discovers her and embark on a journey to take down the one that cursed her in the first place.

Plot Edit

In a snowy forest, a father of a small family goes out hunting to provide food for his family, the forest seems to be completely empty, until he spots a figure, he throws a spare at it, and the creature is hit, he runs over to it, thinking its a deer, but turns out it's a wolf. There seems to be no hope for the thing to survive, as it's life slowly wastes away.

A robed figure emerges from the snowy landscape, a somewhat emaciated man, it's face almost like a skull. The father runs from this site, scared by the sight of this robed man.

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Transcript Edit

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