Orbis is a Canadian 1989 animated adventure-fantasy film. It follows a recently orphaned girl who discovers an ancient relic that could hold all benefits to human life, but as a consequence, is chased down by a group of people who attempt to prevent it's discovery.

The film received very positive reviews upon it's release, with a 77 on Metacritic.

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June is a young girl who has recently lost her parents to a train accident, she now lives with her grandparents, every once in a while she goes to the park and draws the landscape. Every night she has dinner with her grandparents and goes to sleep shortly after.

One day while at the park, she goes to her usual spot to draw, but finds an orange orb, it doesn't seem like anything special, but June takes it with her, showing some interest.

At home, she shows it to her grandmother, who shows some delight at the sight of the orb, which she finds very pretty. June proceeds to put it on the kitchen counter. Later while her grandmother is doing dinner, the orb starts to glow and it suddenly turns the dinner into a 3 course meal, all put out on plates and fully prepared.

A flabbergasted grandmother calls in her husband and June, they come and she starts raving about how this could have happened, not knowing it's the orb that did it. They proceed to dig in to the food that they have been granted.

Later in the night, while June is asleep, a break in occurs at her house, these people don't seem like regular robbers, but rather robe wearing people. June is awoken by the sounds of these people, she gets out of bed and leaves her room to try and find the source of the sound, thinking it's one of her grandparents. Immediately she spots the robed people and runs back into her room, she hides under her bed, no point in getting her grandparents as that would cause too much noise.

The robed people come upstairs and enter June's room, they check it for a moment, and leave. They then storm into the room June's grandparents are in and wake them up, they demand they get out of bed, they begrudgingly oblige. The robed people introduce themselves, they are part of a "religion" but their god is a rather peculiar one, three orbs, together, they hold the pinnacle of human life, the religion keeps the orb to benefit themselves, they tell them that one of the orbs went missing and they sensed that it was at the house.

The other people exploring the house come into the room and inform the leader that they haven't found the orb, and the leader gives a look of complete disgust, and then promptly orders that June's grandparents be taken with them to where they reside. They take the two, and now they're gone.

June immediately runs out of the house in time to see a van drive off into the night, she just looks on, absolutely devastated. While standing, a voice calls out to her. She turns around and is greeted by an elderly woman, June immediately asks if she is part of the robed people, the woman says she isn't, and introduces herself, her name is Alexandra.

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