Polyvinyl is a 1995 Canadian animated comedy-music film. The film follows two teenagers in 1970s Britain who try to get their favorite band to preform at their house when the band arrives to their town on tour.

Plot Edit

On a late night in the days of 1979, we are introduced to two teenagers, Robert & Darrell, two average Brits obsessed with rock music. They are taking their first listen to Collection Of Spirits, a new album by White Lawrence, a band who are at their peak, the two boys are left in a blissful shock by the A-side, but this shock is short lived after Darrel realizes how late it is, he runs out of the house back to his own.

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Transcript Edit

Main article: Polyvinyl/Transcript

Trivia Edit

  • Last Wide Slope Animation film to be done through cel animation.
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