Rhea is a 1979 Canadian black & white science fiction animated film written and directed by Victor Yearts. The film follows a highly advanced android in an unnamed city in the 2090s who begins to uncover the truth about themselves.

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Rhea is a young woman living in an unnamed city in the year 2093, currently in a therapy session talking about a reoccurring dream involving her kicking her father, the founder of a high end computer company, off a skyscraper, eventually breaking down in the middle of the session.

At home, in her kitchen, Rhea calls her mother, in the midst of talking about her dreams, to which her alarmed mother asks Rhea to see her at her condo. After she hangs up the phone, Rhea goes to her fridge, where she picks a magnet with a photo of her and her parents, looking back on the old days. All of a sudden, she somehow short circuits all of a sudden, dropping the magnet on the floor in the action. She regains consciousness and seems to have no idea what had just happened, she heads over to her bathroom and washes her face, for a brief moment, she sees that a black oil like substance seems to be leaking from her gums.

The next day, Rhea returns to her therapist, and mentions what had transpired the other day. The now bewildered therapist asks why she is even at a therapy session instead of going to the hospital, and the session is canceled at that point.

Not taking her therapist's advise, she heads over to her parent's condo, her father is the founder of a large computer company. They share basic conversations about their lives and what has happened, Rhea mentions her reoccurring dream about her father's dying, to which her father completely dismisses it as nothing special. Rhea returns home, and we are introduced to her boyfriend, Alex. They seem to be happy, but it seems as though their relationship is gradually deteriorating.

That night, while they're in bed, Alex asks Rhea if she would want to make love, to which she seems reluctant. Alex suddenly thrashes out in a fit of rage, which suggests that he's been suffering from sexual frustration. In his rage, he forces Rhea out of the room, which prompts her to sleep on the couch.

The next day, she heads back to her parents, her mother is not home, but her father is, she talks about how her boyfriend treated her the other night, to the point where she begins to cry, her father doesn't seem to care, treating her like a lowlife.

Her father then heads off to the bathroom, and during that time, she snoops around the condo and stumbles towards her father's study, a small room covering in boxes of documents. She looks through them, and finds blueprints for a android, done around the same time she was "born". She heads back to the room her and her father were talking in. After her father returns, she's tells him she has to go back home.

At home, shocked by the fact that she may be an android, tries to not accept it, until she notices a lump on her arm. Becoming morbidly curious, she heads to her bathroom with a knife. She very reluctantly slices into her arm, and we see that the lump is in fact a a sheet of metal. She slices deeper and finds wires of various colors. It turns out that all along, she was an android.

She calls her father, and rambles about how he lied to her all these years, until her father abruptly hangs up on her. She wraps up her wounds, and tries to exit her house, but runs into Alex, who wants to apologize for how he acted towards her the other night. She accepts her apology, but she tells him that it's best that he breaks up with her, when he asks why, she replies that he doesn't need to know.

She drives over to her parent's condo, but there is no answer upon knocking at the door. She looks in the windows, and the condo is completely deserted. She stops to think where her parents would be, and she decides that they may be residing at the HQ of her father's company.

She drives there, and she is denied entry into the building as she is "not an employee". Not wanting to stop there, she sneaks into the building through a back door. She ventures through the HQ, and finally finds her "parents". Her father has seemed to have emptied a room in the building so he and her wife can live in it.

She confronts them, and her father acts as though as he doesn't know her, he calls for security, and runs off, but Rhea chases after him before security can apprehend her. During the chase, she manages to grab him and attacks him, scratching and beating him, he pushes her off him and runs off, they eventually get to the roof of the building.

With nowhere to run, the man who Rhea once considered her father cowers in fear, what Rhea said was bothering her in the beginning has finally happened. She walks towards him, with malicious intent. Before she can harm him, she remembers her dream from the beginning, and she's comes to the idea that it'd be better if she jumped herself, she takes a breath, and proceeds to jump off the building. She falls to the ground and breaks apart into many pieces, with wires protruding.

Rhea's fate is now sealed.

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  • Script was written in 1975.
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