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We open on a city full of buildings and skyscrapers, much taller and more numerous than any city in reality, but still done in a modern style.


So...what's been bugging you lately?


Two women are sitting in two different chairs, across from eachother. One is the THERAPIST we just heard. She has a rather eccentric hair style, and is wearing a suit. She is writing in a notebook she has in her hands. The other woman is our protagonist, RHEA. She is a young woman with long hair, and is wearing a tunic. In the background, we see shelves littered with photos and books, along with a large window which shows a nice view of the city.

CUT: Rhea.


I've been having these...bad dreams.

CUT: The therapist, looking at her notebook, writing away. Nodding to Rhea.


And what happened in these dreams?

BACK TO: Rhea, who seems uncomfortable. These dreams were clearly traumatizing to her.



BACK TO: The therapist, she nods, wanting her to continue.

BACK TO: Rhea.


I'm on the top of a dad is there, for some reason. He's all bloodied up, and bruised...

BACK TO: The therapist, her eyes slightly widen in surprise.

BACK TO: Rhea.


...he's begging for his life. And then...I kick him off.

BACK TO: The therapist, who is taking down notes.


I look down and see him falling to his death...


BACK TO: Rhea, now with her hands on her face, seeming very upset. She murmurs, on the verge of tears.

CUT: Side shot, the same one we entered the room on. The therapist puts her notepad down and gets up, attempting to comfort Rhea.


Wide shot of a house of modern design. It is night, and we can hear crickets chirping. This is Rhea's house. Nearby are other houses, which have their lights on, not unlike Rhea's


I can't believe it...


We are in a hallway in Rhea's house. Rhea is currently in the kitchen talking into a phone on the wall, discussing something with her mother. In the background we can see the living room, decorated with furniture and electronics. Rhea nods as she listens to her mother.

RHEA'S MOTHER (Over the phone, cont'd):

I could never imagine that happening.


I know, but she say's it's just a dream mom, says I may be making a big deal out of nothing. But I just have a terrible feeling about it, you know?

RHEA'S MOTHER (Over the phone):

No, no, I understand fully! You know what, maybe you should come by tomorrow, and we can talk about it more.

Rhea visibly cringes at this proposition.

RHEA'S MOTHER (Over the phone, cont'd):

It's been a while, you know?

A smile returns to her face, and she chuckles lightly.


Yeah, I'll swing by tomorrow.

RHEA'S MOTHER (Over the phone):

Alright. Well, I gotta hang up now.


OK. I'll see you tomorrow, mom.

Rhea hangs up the phone.

CUT: Side shot of Rhea in her kitchen, she is by the fridge. After hanging up the phone, she gazes at something pinned to the fridge, and begins to smile lightly. She walks to the fridge and grabs the object she was gazing at.

CUT: Close-up of the object Rhea grabbed. It is a photograph, which shows a family, specifically a young Rhea with her parents at what looks like a beach. Rhea's mother is a short, pudgy woman wearing a t-shirt with jeans, her father is a tall, lanky man wearing a jacket, with a light t-shirt and dark pants.

CUT: Close up on Rhea, still smiling, yet on the verge of tears, reflecting back on simpler times.

Suddenly, a loud sparking noise is heard, and Rhea's face goes blank. She falls limply to the floor, dropping the photo.

CUT: Low angle shot of the floor, focusing on the photo as it lands, followed by Rhea, shaking uncontrollably in a manner not unlike a seizure.

After some time has passed, the shaking begins to calm.

CUT: Front shot of Rhea, lying on the floor. Her eyes have rolled back into her head. Even though the shaking has subsided, she is still twitching a little bit.

Her eyes slowly close, and after they shut completely, they burst open again, as she regains consciousness. Rhea slowly gets up, seemingly unsure of what has happened. She looks around.

BACK TO: The photo. Rhea's hands come into view as they pick it up.

CUT: Wide shot of Rhea sitting on the floor of the kitchen, gazing at the photo. She slowly gets up, putting a hand to her temple, as if her head hurts slightly.

CUT: Close up on Rhea, with a confused expression on her face. She looks to the right.


Side shot, a bathroom, the walls are painted in an off-white tone. A toilet is seen on the left side of the screen, and a sink and medicine cabinet with a mirror are seen on the right.

Rhea walks onscreen towards the sink, she turns the tap on and splashes some water on her face. She looks up towards the mirror.

CUT: Front shot of Rhea, through the mirror. She puts a hand to her lower lip, and pulls it downward to reveal her teeth. A strange black substance seems to be leaking out of her gums. She looks slightly freaked out.

BACK TO: Same side shot as before, the tap is still running. Rhea puts her head into the sink and takes a mouthful of water, she swirls it around in her mouth, and spits it into the sink. The water is visibly muddied.

She exits the room.


The therapist's office, Rhea's therapist is seen on screen, notepad in hand, she looks puzzled.

THERAPIST: what you're trying to say is that you had a seizure?

CUT: Rhea, she shrugs, still not sure about what happened the other night.


I really don't know, that's all I could piece together.

BACK TO: Rhea's therapist, who looks even more puzzled.

CUT: Wide shot of the two sitting across from eachother, the same as in the opening. Rhea's therapist gets up and goes to the door and opens it, motioning for Rhea to leave.


Rhea, you need to see a doctor. We can speak again after you get your condition checked out.

Rhea, a little shocked, begrudgingly obliges with her therapist's suggestion. She gets up to leave.

More coming soon.

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