Serene is a 1977 Canadian animated action comedy film directed by Victor Yearts and written by Yearts and Noelle Bradford. The film follows a young spy who attempts to seek revenge on two corporate suits after she narrowly survives and assassination attempt requested by them.

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Serene is a spy in an unnamed city who has successfully completed another mission, this time acquiring some heavily protected documents from a company by the name of Pollutinate Incorporated, an oil company.

At her apartment, Serene is watching television, which is showcasing a slapstick comedy show. During a commercial break, Serene's goes to her balcony, observing the city. Then, her doorbell rings, and she opens it, greeted by a pizza man.

Serene, confused, informs the pizza man that she ordered no pizza. Then all of a sudden, the pizza man pulls out a knife and attempts to attack Serene, who manages not to get harmed. In the action, the faux pizza man is swung towards the balcony door, and stabs himself in the action, thus ending the would be assassin's life.

Immediately after this transpires, she calls Natalie, only telling her that she should expect her soon. Later, she goes to Natalie's house and is greeted by her, after entering the house, she immediately starts rooting through the fridge for food, Natalie asks why she came over to her house, and Serene nonchalantly responds saying she almost got killed. Natalie doesn't respond well to this.

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  • After the film's major success, Universal PIctures gave director Victor Yearts to make a film with complete creative control for them, Yearts accepted, and that film became Topia.
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