Transcript for Serene.

Script[edit | edit source]


Roll opening credits.



We open on a wide shot of a large skyscraper. Night has fallen, and all around us we see and hear the sounds and motions of a lively city.

CUT: Front shot of the skyscraper. At the bottom of this shot, we see an individual climbing the skyscraper. This is our protagonist, SERENE. She is an anthropomorphic fox who works as an undercover spy.

CUT: Side shot, closer angle of Serene climbing. We can see now that she is using suction cups to climb the building. As well, we get a better look at her appearance. She has red hair, and is wearing a black one piece jumpsuit, with a utility belt. In one of her ears, she has an earpiece.

Suddenly, Serene stops climbing, and puts a hand to her earpiece. The person on the earpiece's end is Serene's partner, NATALIE, an anthropomorphic squirrel who creates gadgets for Serene to use in her line of work.

NATALIE (V/O, over the radio):

I told you this would work!


Better than I thought.

After some more climbing, she finally stops at the window of a certain floor of the building. Serene takes one of her hands off of the suction cups, and grabs an object from her utility belt. It seems to be a knife, albeit with a button on it.

CUT: Close up of the knife. Serene presses the button on the knife, and the blade slowly turns a bright red.

CUT: Serene, she looks down, a bit nervous.

CUT: The city streets below from a dangerous height, illuminating with life.

BACK TO: Serene, trying top get over her vertigo by focusing back on what she's doing.


A floor in the skyscraper, seemingly unused, and illuminated only by the city below. We can see Serene at the window, with the knife she pulled out earlier. Putting it to the window, she cuts through the glass with ease, making a circle slightly smaller then her.

With the handle of the knife, she pushes out the cut glass onto the floor inside, making a small clatter as it falls. She then carefully crawls through the hole; slowly so as not to lose her grip or make much noise. Upon getting inside, she puts a hand back up to her ear.


I'm in.

NATALIE (V/O, over the radio):

Alright, that's good! Very cool! Man, I can't believe we made it-


Don't get your hopes up yet, Natalie. There's still room for error.

Putting her hand away, Serene proceeds to walk offscreen.

CUT: Hallway, the walls are painted beige. In the foreground, an anthropomorphic badger is seen looking towards the camera, wearing a blue uniform. He seems to be a security guard. In the background, we see Serene enter this room from a door.

She immediately stops upon seeing the security guard, looking very alarmed.

CUT: A close-up on Serene, slowly grabbing something from her belt. It seems to be a syringe containing a green liquid within.

BACK TO: The security guard, looking somewhat bored, oblivious to the person behind him. Serene is slowly walking towards him.

CUT: Serene's POV, looking behind the guard as we approach him. At the last possible second, he turns around.

CUT: Serene, syringe in hand. She is swinging it towards the guard.

CUT: Front shot of the door Serene came out of. A struggle is heard offscreen between Serene and the guard. After a beat, the sounds stop.

CUT: Serene and the guard. The guard is lying on the floor, seemingly unconscious. Serene is on her knees, winded from the scuffle, but eventually gets back to her feet and walks away from the body.

CUT: A large square room, painted all black. In the middle of the room is a safe.

Serene appears onscreen, walking towards the safe.

CUT: Closer shot of the safe, focusing on its door. Serene appears onscreen, and kneels in front of it.

CUT: Close up on the door, we can see it needs a combination to be opened. Serene grabs the lock and begins to input a combination. The code turns out to be "06-19-49".

CUT: Serene. With a click, the lock opens, and Serene opens the safe.

CUT: The interior of the safe. The items within rather rudimentary, consisting of only a few stack of documents. Serene grabs these.

CUT: Front shot of Serene. She is smirking. She puts a hand to her ear.


Natty, I've got 'em.

NATALIE (slightly muffled):

Oh my- oh my god, you got them?! Awww, yes! I knew we could do this. Head on back, I'll be getting that champagne ready!


Much appreciated.

Putting her hand away, Serene looks down at the documents in her hands, obviously proud to have pulled it off again.


Establishing shot of a large apartment complex, it is night.


Side shot, Serene is seen sitting down in a cream-colored room. This is our main character, SERENE. She has long red hair, and is wearing a white sweater and blue jeans. She is watching a program on a small television in front of her, on top of a small shelf.

CUT: Front shot of the television. The picture is in black & white. On the screen, we see two characters, an anthropomorphic elephant and pig. The elephant is wearing a chef's outfit, the pig looking at him at him angrily. These two are Pork & Smarty, the characters of a very popular television show in the universe this takes place in.


Hey, those people had it coming!


Still, you shouldn't be putting gasoline into the sandwiches!

A laugh track plays.


Hey, at least we still made some profits, and even better...

Pork looks at him intrigued by what he's about to say.


We don't have to pay for their medical expenses!

Pork begins to smile. Another laugh track plays.


Hmm! Smarty, maybe you were onto something!

An applause sound effect begins to play. The picture fades to black.

CUT: Front shot on Serene watching. She chuckles slightly.

CUT: The television, it is showing the title card of the program.


Pork & Smarty will return after these messages.

CUT: Serene, who looks unamused. She gets up, turns off the TV, and walks off-screen to our right.


Wide shot of the balcony of Serene's apartment. It is dimly lit by a sole light that lays above the door inside. Serene is leaning over the edge of the balcony, observing the city.

Suddenly, knocking is heard from the front door, Serene turns her head around, surprised.


Close up of the doorknob, Serene's hand comes on screen, and opens the door.

The door opens slightly, and we pan up to see who was knocking, a lanky RAT wearing a light yellow polo shirt and white pants, along with a cap, which is covering their eyes. The uniform resembles that of a pizza delivery guy.



CUT: Corner shot of Serene, who looks slightly confused.


You sure you got the right place?

BACK TO: The rat.


I'm sure...

CUT: Close up of Serene, her eyes slowly turn downward.

CUT: The pockets of the rat's pants, a large knife is seen, he's got his hand on the handle.

CUT: Close up of Serene's eyes, her eyebrows quickly raise.

CUT: Wide shot of Serene at the door, looking behind her. The rat rams open the door, and Serene jumps back in time to not be hit by it. He enters the room, knife in hand and intent to kill in his eyes, slowly walking towards Serene.

CUT: Side shot of the two, the rat suddenly charges at Serene with the knife, both of his hands on the handle. She grabs hold of the rat's hands.

CUT: The rat, struggling to plunge the knife into Serene. He still looks dead-eyed, but there's a hint of exasperation in his face.

CUT: Serene, also struggling, looking angry but also legitimately scared.

CUT: The same side shot of the two, still struggling. Suddenly, Serene to push the rat's arms into his chest, and kicks him over her head.

CUT: Front shot of the door to the balcony, surrounded by a large window. The rat enters the shot, head over heels, and hits the door hard, slumping to the ground, motionless. Beat.

CUT: Serene, panting and looking at the rat as she gets up. The struggle left her slightly scuffled up.

CUT: Close up of the rat's head, beginning to move. He slowly starts to get up, slightly groaning.

BACK TO: Serene, bewildered. This quickly turns to shock, and then horror.

BACK TO: The rat, his knife jammed in his chest. He is still moaning in pain, he starts to slowly struggle towards Serene.

BACK TO: Serene, still looking in horror, as the rat approaches on screen, one arm reaching towards her, the other trying to pull out the knife. She takes a step back, knowing the would be assassin is on his last legs.

The rat falls to his knees, lets out his last breath, and falls to the ground. Serene stares down silently his now offscreen body, shocked. She turns away and moves offscreen.

CUT: A phone on a table in the hallway of the apartment. Serene comes onscreen and picks up the receiver, quickly beginning to dial someone. She looks back and forth, worried.

Finishing dialing, she puts the phone to her ear. A dial tone is heard.

NATALIE (V/O, slightly muffled:)

Mmm...who is this?


Natty, it's Serene.

Natalie sighs on the phone.

NATALIE (V/O, slightly muffled):

Can this wait? It's one in the morning!

Serene looks flustered, but begins to quickly explain.


Listen, I gotta make this quick. Basically, I need to come by your house for a little bit, lay low for a while...

NATALIE: (V/O, slightly muffled):

...w-what? What do you m--


I can't speak now! I'll be right over!

She abruptly hangs up the phone.


Wide establishing shot of Natalie's house, a small bungalow with a porch. It is painted brown and its roof is green. The tiles are curved, resembling leaves. It is raining.

A taxi comes on screen, stopping by the house. Serene exits it, now wearing a green coat.

CUT: Front shot of Serene, she closes the door of the taxi and watches it drive off. She turns and looks at the house.

BACK TO: The same establishing shot. Serene walks towards the house.

CUT: Close-up on the front door of the house, it is blue. Serene's hand comes onscreen, and she knocks on the door.

CUT: Serene, waiting for the door to open. Footsteps are heard, followed by a long series of sounds of locks being fiddled and keys being turned. The door is then opened.



CUT: The lower body of Natalie, her legs, except for her feet, are covered by a white labcoat. We pan up until we are finally shown her face, she is wearing glasses and has shoulder length black hair. She looks visibly tired and annoyed.

NATALIE (Cont'd):

...if it isn't my favorite colleague.

CUT: Serene.


In the flesh.


Wide shot of the kitchen of Natalie's house, the walls are blue, occasionally interrupted by cupboards. Visible in the shot are a grey fridge and a countertop, on which is a coffee machine.

Natalie and Serene enter the shot, Serene still wearing the green coat. Natalie goes to the coffee machine and starts making some coffee. Serene goes to the fridge.

CUT: From inside the fridge, the door opens and we see Serene, who is looking for something to eat, although she looks puzzled.


Natty... you got anything that isn't just pureed nuts?

Natalie enters the shot and forages around towards the back of the fridge. She spots something and pulls it out, it's a pack of beef jerky.


I got this, for some reason.

She hands it to Serene, who looks pleased.

BACK TO: The same shot of the kitchen. Serene walks to the cupboards and starts searching for something else.


Any hot sauce? I like a kick to my food.

Natalie goes to the cupboard and starts looking for some hot sauce, after some rooting, she finds a bottle of hot sauce, she hands it to Serene. Serene nods, satisfied, applies it to the jerky, and digs in.


So, uh, are you gonna tell me why you came here so late?

Serene looks at Natalie, recalling why she came over in the first place. She stops eating for a moment.


Oh yeah, I was almost killed.

Natalie looks completely shocked for a second, but this gradually fades away into annoyance.

CUT: Close up of the two from the other side, in the background, we see a slightly open door, leading to the basement. Serene is back to eating, Natalie tugs her arm and motions to the basement door, Serene looks at the door, and then back at Natalie.


Natalie's lab, various items of lab gear are strewn around the lab on various tables. We lining the walls are small machinery, likely used for crafting the weapons Serene uses on her missions. The walls are a muted tone of blue.

The pair enter the shot, Natalie pulling Serene by the arm. She lets go and looks back at her.


You should take that coat off, it gets pretty warm in here.

Serene obliges, and removes it. She was wearing a green shirt underneath.

CUT: Closer shot of the two, Natalie leans in towards Serene.


Now please explain, how the hell were you "almost killed"?


It was some fake pizza guy, don't know much else.

Natalie begins to look suspicious. She sighs, wracking her brain and shrugging.


I think I may know where they came from... but that can wait. I think it's best we rest for now.

Serene rolls her eyes in annoyance, but she seems to understand Natalie's decision. Natalie walks off to some stairs in the background, she stops after taking a step on the stairs to turn back to Serene.


You can sleep down here, I'll get a mattress and blanket for you.

She goes up the stairs, leaving the shot.


Establishing shot of Natalie's house in the morning. We hear the muffled sounds of a TV playing.


The living room of Natalie's house. The walls are painted green and we can see shelves shaped like tree trunks. Natalie is seen sitting on a couch, watching the television we heard. She has some toast, with an oddly high amount of nuts sprinkled over it, as well as a glass of what seems to be almond milk.

CUT: The television. More Pork & Smarty is playing on the screen. Smarty has a hospital gown on. Pork looks upset, maybe even on the verge of tears. Somber music is playing.


No...Smarty, I can't believe this!

CUT: Smarty, he starts to look teary eyed.


I'm so sorry Smarty...I...have...

Before Smarty can announce what he has, the television cuts to a breaking news screen.

CUT: Natalie, she rolls her eyes and groans in annoyance, reaching for the remote.


We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this special bulletin. We've just received updates regarding the vicious murder that occurred in a local apartment complex last night.

Natalie's annoyance immediately turns to curiosity, she looks back at the television.


The lab from before, we are focused on Serene, who is sleeping peacefully on the mattress Natalie promised her. The room is dark.


Serene!? Get up here!

Serene wakes up in fright, and starts looking around for a moment, panicked, before getting up and heading up the stairs.


We are focused on the basement door, Serene blasts it open, alarmed.


W-what's wrong Natty, what happened?!

CUT: From behind Serene, we see Natalie, sitting in the living room, she quickly beckons Serene to come over.

CUT: The same shot of Natalie sitting on the couch, just as alarmed as her. Serene enters the shot. Natalie points at the television, which Serene looks over at. She quickly expresses a look of shock.


The body, a 19 year old male rat, was found by neighbors with a deep stab wound in his chest. The individual has yet to be identified.

CUT: The television, we are shown a anthropomorphic gazelle, who is the newscaster, in a newsroom. A picture of Serene herself is shown onscreen.


Authorities believe the murderer to be 28 year old Mary Shawnick, the owner of the apartment.

CUT: Serene & Natalie, Serene has an expression of pure horror. She really hates her real name.


Oh dear god, they said my name...

BACK TO: The television.


Police have commenced a search for the young woman, who seems to have fled the crime scene shortly after committing the act.

BACK TO: Serene & Natalie, completely in shock, they slowly look at each other, no words to say about what they have just seen.


Serene and Natalie are back in the lab. Natalie is on the right of the screen, dialing a number on a telephone. She puts the phone to her ear, and a dial tone is heard, but no response. She slams the phone down in annoyance. She turns to Serene.


Who were you trying to call?


Those people that wanted us to steal from Pollutinate. Keeps going to dial tone. Bastards must have covered their tracks when the news broke.

Serene begins to look worried, walks up to Natalie.


I need you to do something for me, it may be quite hard, though...

Natalie is intrigued. Serene hands her a key.

SERENE: (Cont'd)

Go to my apartment, I need you to get some things.

Natalie pushes Serene's hand away and shakes her head, she doesn't want to do it.


I know it's a bit outside your comfort zone, but you don't want me being detained by those pigs, do you?

Natalie faces away from Serene, reconsidering her decision. She turns back to her.


...what do I get out of this?

Serene turns her eyes back, thinking of an excuse to get Natalie to go to her apartment. Having thought up an excuse, she faces Natalie again.


You...get to be like me?

Natalie looks unamused. Serene shrugs.



Alright, I'll do it. What do you need me to get?


Only a few things. The uniform I use for my missions, firstly, because we're definitely going after those Pollutinate assholes, without a doubt.

Natalie grabs hold of a notepad and pencil, and starts writing down what Serene needs.

SERENE: (Cont'd)

Two, my stuffed Pork & Smarty dolls, they're very collectible, and I don't want to see them on some shelf at a police auction months from now! And three...

Serene stops for a moment, thinking about the specific item in question, she seems to be a bit moved imagining it. Natalie snaps her fingers to Serene, motioning for her to get on with it bringing her back to her senses.


...a photo. A photo...of my mother. It's in my bedroom, you can't miss it.

Natalie stops writing for a moment and faces Serene, smiling empathetically, before returning to the writing.


Very specific, does she not live in the country or anything?

Serene faces Natalie, with a look of disgust.


She's dead, you walnut!

Natalie suddenly stops writing, facing the notepad, visibly mortified at her insensitivity.



She looks up at Serene.

NATALIE: (Cont'd)

I am so sorry...

Serene shakes her head slowly.


Yeah, it's fine.

Natalie gets back to writing, shifting the subject back to the list.


Yeah, anyways, is that it?

Serene nods. Natalie closes up the notepad and puts it in her coat pocket. As she does this, knocking is heard from upstairs. The two look up, alarmed by the noise.

Natalie does a shushing gesture, she walks offscreen.


The front door of Natalie's house, Natalie opens it, and is greeted by two anthropomorphic pig cops, they are wearing usual police uniforms, one has a pile of papers in their hands.

COP 1:

'Ello young lady.

The cop takes one of the papers from the other cop and shoves it at the camera, it is a wanted poster for Serene.

COP 1: (Cont'd)

You seen this lass?

CUT: Natalie, she turns her head from side to side.

BACK TO: The cops. The other cop starts chuckling.

COP 2:

Heh, that's a squirrel you're talking to, bud, they're about as thick as the nuts they gorge on!

The two start laughing heavilly, beginning to walk away.

CUT: Natalie, who looks a bit miffed, she takes a breath.


Hey, mister.

BACK TO: The cops, they very quickly turn back to Natalie.

COP 1:


BACK TO: Natalie.


Can you spell "icup" for me?

BACK TO: The cops, they face eachother, chuckling, they've been given a simple challenge.

COP 1:

The little squirrel wants us to spell for her! Well then...

BACK TO: Natalie, who motions for the cop to begin spelling the word.

BACK TO: The cops.

COP 1:

I-C-U-P, see? Wasn't that hard!

The two cops laugh for a moment, as they laugh the first cop starts to realize the meaning, and his laughter starts to turn to silent horror, he has been utterly defeated.

BACK TO: Natalie, smirking. She proceeds slams the door on them.


Establishing shot of the headquarters of Pollutinate, a successful oil company. It is a tall, dark skyscraper.


We're in an office, now. The walls are brown and look jagged in texture. A new character is seen onscreen, our main antagonist, MR. ARIZ, CEO of Pollutinate, Inc. He is a small jackrabbit wearing a blue suit. He is facing away from the camera, with a look of annoyance, it seems he too saw the news broadcast.

CUT: The door of Mr Ariz's office, it blasts open to reveal another new character, MR POLARUS. He is a large anthropomorphic polar bear, and is wearing a black suit. He has a worried look on his face.


Mr. Ariz! Did you see the newscast?!

BACK TO: Mr Ariz, he turns his eyes towards Mr. Polarus.



CUT: Wider shot of Mr. Ariz, who is sitting by a desk, Mr. Polarus runs into shot.


She might go to the cops, and they might believe her, and we might get caught, and we'd spend the rest our lives looking at ba--

Mr. Ariz cuts off Mr Polarus.


They won't believe her.

Ariz turns away from Polarus.


Who in their right mind would murder an innocent little pizza guy anyway?

He turns back to Polarus.

CUT: Ariz.


Even if she tries anything, we can just buy her silence.

He smirks.

BACK TO: Polarus, wearing a subtle look of dread.


Back at the apartment complex, we are in the hallways now. The walls are a light yellow, and we are at a point where it takes a sharp right turn. Natalie emerges from around the corner, wearing a black jacket with black sweatpants.

We follow her as she walks past some doors until we stop at Serene's apartment, the door blocked with police tape. Natalie produces the keys she was given by Serene, but before she opens the door, she looks through the key hole.

Nobody seems to be home.

She opens the door and enters the apartment.


We're finally back in Serene's apartment after the attack. Natalie slowly closes the door behind her. She looks around the crime scene.

CUT: The living room, a part of the floor is covered in dried blood marked with a chalk outline of the rat.

BACK TO: Natalie, looking slightly disturbed. She walks offscreen into the hallway.


Serene's bedroom, the walls are painted in a cream shade. We are focused on the door of the room. It opens to reveal Natalie.

CUT: The rest of the room, only containing a bed and drawer. On the bed are the aformentioned Pork & Smarty plushies, on the counter, a bunch of photo frames.

Natalie walks on screen, approaching the photos.

CUT: Close up of Natalie, she picks up a specific photo.

CUT: The photo, it's of a young Serene and her mother when she was alive. It seems to have been taken at a birthday party, and they both look very happy.

BACK TO: Natalie, she puts the photo in her pocket.

Suddenly, the front door of the apartment is heard opening. Natalie becomes alarmed.

CUT: The door of the bedroom, a bunch of footsteps are heard, and after a beat, the bedroom door opens. It's a police officer.

CUT: Shot that is looking at the ceiling, which is out of focus. The cop comes on screen, looking around the room. WE focus on the ceiling, revealing Natalie, who is hanging on to the ceiling, quietly observing the cop.

After a beat, the cop leaves the room.

Natalie quietly sighs in relief. She drops down offscreen.


Back at the lab, Serene is seen, sitting on the mattress she was given. She is calling someone.

The phone gives a generic unavailable caller response, Serene can leave a message.


Hey, daddy, it's...Mary. By now you've probably heard about what I apparently did on the's a very long story, but I assure you, it's not one bit true.



I...gotta go now.

She hangs up the phone, takes a breath, and looks up, rather saddened.

Footsteps are heard, Serene looks towards the stairs.

CUT: The stairs. Natalie is seen descending them, arms full with what Serene asked for.


I got the stuff you wanted!

BACK TO: Serene on the bed, Natalie comes into shot, she dumps the stuff onto the bed, Serene looks through, she puts the stuffed Pork & Smarty dolls and photograph to the side, but doesn't touch the jumpsuit, instead she just gazes at it.

CUT: Close up of her, still gazing at the jumpsuit, her eyes now face Natalie, she's now starting to give second thoughts about going after Pollutinate.


Should we do this?

CUT: Natalie, she looks a little unimpressed now.


Well uh, what do you think?

BACK TO: Serene.


You've been framed by a corrupt company for a murder, and now police are actively searching for you.

BACK TO: Natalie.

NATALIE: (Cont'd)

If I were you, I'd try to get them, even if it meant the end of my life.

BACK TO: Serene, her expression starts to become more determined.


Then you'll need to do another thing for me.

CUT: Side shot of the two, Serene leans in towards Natalie.


Go to their headquarters, observe their employees. Every company tends to have a weakness in their security...

Natalie sighs, she proceeds to walk offscreen.


It is a cold day, some buildings are seen in the background, Natalie is seen walking across the screen.

After some steps, she walks by what looks like a museum, which has a large set of stone stairs, the building in the distance is made of stone and we can see pillars supporting the structure. Two people come into shot as Natalie walks, they are sitting on chairs by a wooden table, they look a lot like YEARTS and BRADFORD, except they're humanoid animals. Yearts takes notice of Natalie. He gets up off his chair and waves at her.


Hey, lady!

Natalie stops, looking a little startled by Yearts, she looks at him.

CUT: Yearts, he picks up a script off the table.


Me and my partner here, we're fledgling animators, and we're looking for someone to appear in a film of ours, and you look like someone we need!

He hands the script to Natalie.

CUT: Natalie, script in hand, without any real choice, she takes a peek at the script.

She starts to smirk, the script is pretty bad.

BACK TO: Yearts, who looks hopeful about her liking the script.

BACK TO: Natalie, she stops reading and looks at Yearts.

CUT: Wide shot of the three, Natalie throws the script in the air, as Yearts' expression turns to a mortified one. Natalie walks offscreen. Bradford looks at Yearts.


You never fail to impress me.

CUT: The Pollutinate HQ from a distance, Natalie enters the shot, gazing up at the building.

CUT: Close up of Natalie, she is still ascending the stone stairs. She stops and sits down on them.

BACK TO: The Pollutinate HQ, a car park laid out in front of it. A black sedan comes into shot, pulling into a spot in the car park. Three individuals exit the vehicle.

CUT: Close-up of the entrance of the HQ, a set of sliding doors. A doorbell like device is seen on the right side of the doors. One of the individuals-a humanoid big cat-comes into shot, approaching the device.

CUT: Close up side shot of the device, the big cat puts his eye against it.

The device starts to glow a bright blue, a laser shortly follows, scanning the individual's eye. Shortly after, it glows green, he has the go-ahead to enter.

CUT: Front shot, he beckons the two other individuals to follow; they do so.

CUT: Natalie, looks like she's seen enough.

More coming soon.

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