Transcript for Topia.

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Roll opening credits.



A dark forest with large oak trees is shown. The sky is clear of clouds. It is quiet. Birds are heard chirping in the background, but they aren't disturbing the tranquility of this environment.


CUT: A large bush in this forest. Something is seen moving in this bush, after a beat, a wild hare comes out. It looks around the forest, we slowly pan to a bush covered with purple and red berries near the hare.

CUT: Front shot of the hare, after a beat, it hops closer to the camera.

CUT: A character only seen from the legs down. This is the HUNTER. He is wearing black clothing similar to a ski outfit. He is very slender and tall.

CUT: Front shot of the hunter's face, his face is completely covered by a pair of black goggles, hat and scarf. We pan down to his neck, we see something furry wrapped around it. This is the pet of the hunter, the FOX. This fox begins to unwrap itself from the hunter's neck. It hops off to the ground offscreen.

CUT: The hare. It's eating away at the berries without any care.

BACK TO: The fox on the ground. It takes a few quiet steps towards the offscreen hare.

CUT: The point of view of the fox, the hare is seen far away by the bush, still eating away.

The fox progressively closer to the hare. After some steps, the hare stops eating and notices the fox coming towards it. It instantly begins to hop away, the fox begins to run after it and eventually it manages to catch the hare.

CUT: Front shot of the hunter. A loud squeal is heard, implying the death of the hare. The hunter just watches on.

The fox walks onscreen, with the hare in it's mouth, towards the hunter. The hunter leans down to pet the fox once it gets close enough to him. The proceed to walk away from this sight.


Wide shot, a moderately sized cabin lays on a small hill, in an open part of the forest. This is the hunter's cabin. The cabin is made of wooden planks. Smoke is seen coming out of a chimney on top of the cabin. A small stream lays by the cabin. The hunter is seen by the stream, he seems to be washing the hare's carcass.

After a beat, the hunter walks back to the cabin.


The hide of the hare along with a blood covered knife is seen laying the corner of the cabin. A light is seen illuminating offscreen.

CUT: Front shot, the sight of a cauldron containing what looks like a stew is seen cooking over an offscreen fire. The hunter and fox are sitting by it.


The same shot of the cabin seen before, the smoke coming out of the chimney has decreased in volume.


Front shot, a simple dirt path. It seems to be early in the morning. The oak trees seen earlier surround the path.

Suddenly, a BOY runs down this path, he looks around his early teens and is wearing a white shirt with blue overalls, he also has a huge head of brown hair.

After a beat, what seems to be two GUARDS are seen running after him. These guards are bulky looking, bald and are wearing black prison uniforms. Every guard mentioned in the script has a similar appearance.

CUT: Front shot of the boy, we get to see that he has green eyes. He looks visibly exhausted from the running he is doing.

CUT: Front shot of the two guards running after him. They don't look that tired from the running, they seem to be catching up with the boy.

CUT: Side shot, the boy and the guards running. The guards are starting to catch up with the boy.

Eventually, the guards start to slow down slightly, and they eventually go offscreen, the boy keeps on running. After a beat, he trips on a small rock and falls to the ground, he tries to get up, but one of the guards manages to catch up to him and grabs him by one of his legs. The boy, in retaliation, kicks this guard in the face, who in return lets go. The boy runs off screen.

The other guard comes onscreen, he sees the other guard on the ground, in pain. The standing guard looks mad.


What are you doing?! Get him!

The standing guard quickly runs offscreen after the boy, and the other guard, only just manages to gets up to follow the other guard.

CUT: The boy running, looking even more tired now. We pan to see the guards are on his tail, they slowly but surely get closer to him.

CUT: Side shot of the boy and guards running, the boy begins to slow down from exhaustion and eventually collapses on the ground. The guards get to him and grab him.

CUT: Front shot of the boy in one of the guard's arms. He attempts to get out of their grip but he is too tired to get free.


Front shot, a dark dungeon, it's interior is made of stone bricks and is covered in filth. Various cells cover the room. They contain prisoners whose weight ranges from average to underweight, ages range from 30s to 60s.

CUT: An empty cell, it only contains a metal bed, the mattress on it is covered in stains. A iron bar window lays above it.

The boy is violently thrown into this cell. The sound of a door closing is heard. The boy is seen laying in pain.

CUT: Front shot, a guard, who is the one who closed the door. An offscreen door is heard opening, we hear sounds of rambling.

A new character walks on screen. This character is the GAOLER. He is a short, lanky man, he is wearing a black suit along with a top hat, he is also wearing thick round glasses. He has a enraged expression. He looks to the screen, to an offscreen boy.


You again. You again!

CUT: The boy in his cell. He is still laying in pain, he is looking at the offscreen gaoler.

GAOLER (Cont'd):

I don't know your tricks, but next time...

BACK TO: The gaoler.

GAOLER (Cont'd):'ll be executed. And it'd be a good riddance!

BACK TO: The boy with a slightly less pained expression, he is seen trying to get back up on his feet.


An establishing shot of the prison, it more resembles a castle then an actual prison. In the background the forest from earlier is seen. It is early in the morning.


CUT: Front shot of the entrance of the dungeon, a wooden door, it suddenly blows open to reveal a guard, who has a trumpet in their hand. Three other guards are seen behind him. He attempts to play it to wake the prisoners, but messes up the first note, the trumpet seems to be broken, or the guard is a bad trumpet player.


The prison hallway, the floors are made of wood, the walls are partially made of stone and wood. The three guards outside the dungeon are seen, the guard inside the dungeon exits with the trumpet in hand. He shakes his head at the three guards, these guards proceed to look annoyed and one of them grabs something offscreen, they come back with a set of bagpipes, the guard with the trumpet takes these.


The guard returns, with the said set of bagpipes, he even has a determined expression, he takes a big breath in...and then plays a loud melody on the instrument.

CUT: Several split screens of prisoners waking up, all visibly looking disturbed upon being woken.

CUT: The guard still playing the bagpipes, after some time, he stops his performance.

CUT: Wide shot of the cells, the group of guards is shown going to each cell, opening them with prisoners exiting.


Wide shot, a mining site, it is the middle of the day. The prison is seen in the left side of the background, with the forest seen on the remainder of the background. Several prisoners are seen with pickaxes mining on a surface that looks like sandstone, their mining ranges from foot to knee deep. The boy is seen on the right of this shot. The gaoler is walking by the working prisoners.

CUT: Front shot of the boy mining hard, he seems to have been doing this for hours, as we can clearly see sweat on him.

CUT: Front shot of the gaoler walking by the many working prisoners, after he's passed by some workers, he stops by one prisoner on his right, he turns his head around to the prisoner, the gaoler begins to look disgusted.

CUT: Front shot of this mining prisoner. He looks around his 50s and looks malnourished, he is mining quite slowly. The gaoler is seen in the background, looking at him in disgust.

The gaoler walks over to the prisoner. The gaoler grabs the prisoner's pickaxe, to the prisoner's surprise.

The gaoler shakes his head at the prisoner. With the pickaxe, he makes a fast mining gesture, implying he wants the prisoner to mine a lot faster. He nods to the prisoner after this gesture.

He then shoves the pickaxe into the now bewildered prisoner. The gaoler walks away from him.

CUT: A even more malnourished prisoner mining away, he looks around his 80s and is wearing some sort of chainmail armor. He's working very hard for how malnourished he is.

CUT: Close up of the prisoner's pickaxe hitting the ground, after a few hits, a black stone comes out. The mining starts to slow to a halt.

CUT: Close up of the prisoner's face, who looks like he's hit the jackpot.

CUT: The gaoler walking past the many prisoners mining by him. One of the prisoners in the background stops mining and stands up, this is the prisoner we just saw.

The prisoner in the background begins to runs towards the gaoler, with a look of joy on his eyes.

CUT: Side shot of the gaoler walking by the prisoners, the prisoner pops into shot, he grabs the gaoler and turns him around, the gaoler looks obviously startled. The prisoner begins to shove the black stone we saw in his face.


Boss! Look at what I got!

CUT: Close up shot of the prisoner, he is waving the stone around the screen.

PRISONER (Cont'd):

The jewel! The one you've been looking for a while!

CUT: The gaoler, with a suspicious expression. He takes the jewel from the offscreen prisoner. He takes his glasses off, and he smacks the left lens of them.

SMASH CUT: Close up shot of the lens, multiple smaller lenses drop under.

CUT: The gaoler, he puts the glasses back on, and starts to examine the stone.

CUT: The prisoner, he has an excited expression. He knows he's found the jewels that will free him.

BACK TO: The gaoler, still examining the jewel, he suddenly stops, and then expresses a look of complete disgust, it looks like these weren't the exact jewels the gaoler wanted.


You trying to pull a sick prank on me or something?

BACK TO: The prisoner, his look of excitement quickly turns to horror.


...u-uh, what's wrong with it?

BACK TO: The gaoler, he looks even more disgusted.

CUT: Wide shot of the gaoler and prisoner, along with the other working guards.



The other prisoners turn their heads, with a look of shock.


You do know what this means right?

CUT: The prisoner, with a look of fear, he shakes his head.

BACK TO: The gaoler, we zoom in on his face.



The gaoler turns his head to the right.

GAOLER (Cont'd):


CUT: The prisoner, two guards come onto screen behind him. The two guards both grab him by both arms.

CUT: The gaoler, the guards with the prisoner walk by him, the prisoner turns his head to the gaoler, with a distressed look. The gaoler, not looking at the prisoner, shakes his head with disgust.

CUT: Side shot, a guard, with working prisoners in the background, he is watching over the many prisoners as well. The gaoler walks by the guard, and the guard's attention switches to the gaoler, he dashes to the gaoler.


Hey boss!

The gaoler stops walking, he starts to look irritated. He reluctantly turns around to the guard.

CUT: Front shot of the guard and gaoler.


...watcha want?


Well boss, why are we doing this again...i'm curious, you know?

The gaoler rolls his eyes in annoyance.


I've told you a good few times.


Oh boss, you know i'm a little absent minded!

CUT: Top down shot of the Gaoler looking up.


I'm looking for jewels. Precious ones, my family has been doing it for generations.

BACK TO: The guard, he is nodding, impressed.

CUT: Front shot of the two, the gaoler begins to walk away from the guard, the guard follows him.

The gaoler turns around and faces the guard, he then waves his arms at him, wanting him to go away, the guard then walks away off screen, albeit with a reluctant expression. The gaoler then shakes his head in disappointment.


Wide shot of the sunset, sounds of animals are heard.

The camera pans down to show that we are in the same forest from earlier, after the camera is done panning down, we are shown a stream of flowing water, a large bird like creature is seen drinking from this stream.

CUT: The hunter is seen from the legs down, calmly watching over the bird.

We pan up until we are shown the hunter's face and neck, the fox is seen, wrapped around his neck.

Then, the fox crawls down the hunter's torso.

CUT: Front shot of the bird drinking the water, the hunter and fox seen in the background, still calmly watching over. The fox is still crawling down the hunter and after some time, it gets to the ground.

CUT: The fox, who begins to very slowly but surely creep up on the bird.

CUT: The bird, still drinking from the stream, then, it stops and turns it's head around.

CUT: Wide shot of the bird, fox and hunter, the bird upon seeing the fox immediately begins to run away, with the fox and hunter quickly running after it.

CUT: Back shot of the bird running, then, it spreads it's wings out and begins to fly off.

CUT: the hunter and fox, who have stopped running, looking up at the offscreen bird flying away.

The hunter looks down at the ground, mad and disappointed in not catching what could of been his next meal.

CUT: Wide back shot of the hunter and fox, they turn around to face the screen and begin to walk up towards the screen, returning back to the cabin.

CUT: Another part of the forest, the shot is at feet height. A pair of legs of a new character walk on screen.

We pan up their body, we are first shown a grey dress and as we pan up more, we are shown the character. This character is a GIRL who is exploring the forests lost. She is only wearing the grey dress and has grey hair.

She looks around, worried, she begins to walks in the forest and we follow her and she stops after a few steps. She seems to have noticed something as her eyes widen.

CUT: From behind the girl, the hunter's cabin is seen in the distance, sitting on a small hill, smoke is seen coming out of the chimney. The girl walks towards the cabin.

CUT: The cabin's entrance, a wooden door. The girl enters the shot, walking towards the door.

CUT: Close up of the door, we see that it's slightly open, the girl opens the door.


The inside of the cabin, the walls are made of wood and they are covered in weapons and animal hides. We are shown a shot of the door, the door opens to show the girl, who looks curious. She slowly takes a few steps inside, looking around the cabin. The hunter isn't home.

CUT: From behind the girl now, we are shown a better view of the cabin, a stone furnace is seen on the left of the screen, blazing with life and heat. A small bed is also seen by it. We also see animal hides from the hunter's previously successful meal catches.

CUT: Close up of the girl's face, her eyes are looking around the room, somewhat amazed.

Then, footsteps are heard. The girl turns her head around.

CUT: The door the girl came in, the hunter and his fox are there, back from the failed hunt. They are looking at the girl.

BACK TO: The girl, her eyes widen in fear, it seems as though she's met the hunter already.


Wide shot of the cabin and forest, the girl runs out of the cabin frantically, wanting to get away from the hunter. The hunter exits the cabin shortly after, axe in hand.

CUT: A dirt path leading into a more densely packed area of the forest, the girl runs into the forest, the hunter follows after her. We aren't shown what happens to her, yet.


Back to the mining site, prisoners are hard at work, guards are checking over them.

CUT: The boy, mining, with a lot more effect then usual. He looks up to observe the view, but gets back to work, but then, he looks back up, he has noticed something in the distance.

CUT: A dirt path by the forest, far away. The hunter and his fox are seen walking on the path, he has the girl on his shoulder, she is knocked out.

BACK TO: The boy, he looks at the hunter, with a look of suspicion.

The gaoler walks onscreen from the left, and looks at the boy, he believes the boy is trying to plan his next escape. He leans in towards the boy.


Planing your next escape?

The boy turns his head towards the gaoler. The gaoler chuckles.


I wouldn't give high hopes for it.

The gaoler leans back and walks offscreen to the right of the screen. The boy looks at the gaoler exasperated.


The dungeon from earlier, we are focused on the boy, in his cell on a bed, looking out an iron bar window.

CUT: Closer to the boy, looking out the window, we are shown the forest, smoke is seen in the distance, alluding to the hunter's cabin.

CUT: Front shot of the boy, observing the view. Other cells are seen with sleeping prisoners. Two guards are seen conversing on the right of the screen.


Boss is expecting someone...

The boy turns his head towards the guards, listening to their conversation.

CUT: The two guards.


Apparently yeah. I heard it's an attempt to find love.

The second guard lightly chuckles.


Do you think he'll succeed?

The second guard shrugs.


Perhaps not, may end with a bang for all we know. Now c'mon, let's go help boss.

They walk offscreen, but while doing so, a key falls out one of the pockets of the guards pants. We focus on the key as it falls to the ground. The guards take no notice.

CUT: The boy, his eye's widen at the sight of the key. While it may be risky, he may be able to escape once again.

CUT: The key, the boy, in his cell, walks as far as he can to the key, at the bars, he lays down on the ground, facing the key, he sticks his arm out to reach the key, but his arm isn't long enough to get the key.

Slightly annoyed, he gets back up.

CUT: Closer shot of the boy, he looks around the cell for a long thin object to fish the key out with.

CUT: Wide shot of the cell, the boy turns around and looks around the area.

CUT: Inside the cell next door, we are focused on a small metal stick on the floor, this time it's close enough to be reached by theboy.

He comes on screen, looking around the cell until he finally lays his eyes on the stick. He immediately kneels down.

He sticks his hand out in between the iron bars of the next door cell.

CUT: Front shot of the boy's hand, which is reaching the metal stick, he successfully obtains it.

CUT: The boy, who looks happy.

GUARD 1 (O.S.):'ve seen my keys?

The boy turns his head to the left in instant worry.

CUT: Same shot of the keys we saw. The boy quickly kneels down and sticks his arm out the bars, stick between his fingers.

CUT: The keys, the metal stick comes on screen, and this time, manages to grab hold of the keys. The boy quickly pulls back.

CUT: Wider shot of the cell hallway, the key owning guard comes in, looking around for his keys. He turns towards the boy's cell.

CUT: The boy, who is pretending to sleep on his bed.

BACK TO: The guard, he sighs and exits the room.

BACK TO: The boy, he gets up off the bed and runs to the door.

CUT: Close up of the door's lock, the boy's hand with the key in hand, he unlocks the lock. He opens the door.

CUT: The outside of the cell, the boy exits, and looks around the room, and shortly after runs out of the room.


The entrance of the prison, a simple wooden door with a large handle. A hand comes onscreen, and uses the handle to knock on the door.


The other side of the door inside the prison, it's dimly lit. The hands of a guard come onscreen and open the door, we are revealed a new character, the GUEST we were told about. She is an Asian woman with long hair that is wearing a bright red dress. She looks a bit surprised at who has opened the door.

CUT: The guard who opened the door.


...are you the one boss is expecting?

BACK TO: The guest, she slowly nods, not really knowing what to do in this situation.


Well, come on in.

She slowly walks inside.


Exterior shot of the hunter's cabin.


Inside the cabin, we are shown the hunter and his fox, sleeping on the floor by a dying fire. It's the only source of light in this room.

CUT: Close up of the girl's face. We zoom out to see that she is tied to the wall by rope. She is unconscious.


Suddenly, her head bats up, her eyes blast open, they're glowing a bright white. She slowly starts to make a pained moan, she has a blank expression.

CUT: One of the girl's arms, which begin to elongate.

CUT: Close up of the girl's face, still moaning.


Back to the prison, the boy is seen walking towards the hallways of the building.

After a few steps, we start to hear sounds of whistling from a nearby room, the boy takes notice to this. He stops walking.


It is a dark room, with grey walls and red tiled flooring, we are focused on the room's doorway, the boy pops into view, looking inside the kitchen.

More coming soon.  

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