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We fade into a landscape which can only be described as withered and grey. Once living trees have been reduced to grey leafless trunks. Smog clouds the area.


We cut to a large stone tower. It looks worn and old. The shot is askew.


Inside the tower now, we appear in what seems to be a throne room. On the opposite wall, we see a figure sitting on a throne. It is completely still, seemingly in a state of hibernation. The figure is wearing a dark blue robe and has grey skin, it seems to be a male, but we can't tell from this distance. This figure is a being only known as THE DRAAI.

CUT: Close-up of the Draai's eyes. It is still in hibernation. We hear footsteps growing louder. Someone is entering the room.

The Draai's eyes slowly open, they are crusty and a bright red, with yellow pupils.

CUT: Side shot of the throne. The Draai slowly rises from its seat, struggling greatly to stand. Upon getting to its feet, we see that its body is deformed and crooked. The most notable aspect of this is a large hunch on its back.

CUT: From the Draai's POV, we see the entrance, a large wooden door. To the right, a staircase to the next floor is seen. A young woman descends down these stairs, approaching the door.

CUT: Close up of the woman. This is ALYONA. She has blonde hair, and is wearing a white jacket and pants. She grabs the round handle of the door and opens it slightly, before turning back to the Draai.

CUT: The Draai, looking at Alyona with a blank expression. Though we can't see it, we can sense that the Draai is not happy.

BACK TO: Alyona, her eyes widen in fear.

CUT: Close up of the Draai's eyes. They begin to glow.

BACK TO: Alyona. The door forcefully closes itself, seemingly influenced by the Draai. Alyona jumps back in fright.

CUT: Wide shot of the entrance, Alyona, for a moment paralyzed with fear, runs back up the staircase.

CUT: The Draai, who watches as Alyona runs back up the stairs. As her footsteps fade away the Draai looks down and closes it's eyes.

CUT: The side shot of the throne. It slumps back into its chair. Slowly, it begins to stop moving, and returns to hibernation.


The roof of the tower is flat, the floor being made of wood. A hatch is also visible, as well as a wide narrow box, leaning against the roof's walls.

The hatch opens, and Alyona emerges from it. She climbs up onto the roof, taking a moment to turn and close the hatch behind her.

CUT: Close up of the box. Alyona's hands enter the shot. She opens the box, the only item held within being a single tin whistle. She takes it out.

CUT: Alyona. She puts the tin whistle to her lips.

CUT: Wide shot of the roof. Alyona proceeds to play the whistle, playing a haunting and melancholic song.

The opening credits roll as we pan over Alyona playing her song, as well as some of the foggy, charred landscape surrounding the tower.



After half of the credits have shown, we dissolve into another environment, a village populated by elves. These elves have grey skin and are wearing tunics and dresses, resembling Middle age peasant attire. Around them are small houses, as well as a large tree flourishing with life in the center of the frame. It is noon.

We pan through the village, focusing on the houses on one side of the main road. They seem to have been hollowed out from large multicolored mushrooms. Elven villagers roam across the scene, going about their daily business.

We come to a stop on a certain house, one hollowed from a purple mushroom. The credits stop rolling as Alyona's song ends.


We're in a bedroom inside the house now. It is small, with just enough room for a bed and a shelf, the latter of which contains sketches and swords of many sizes. The floors and walls are made of wood. A young-looking elf with white hair is seen in this room, holding a makeshift sword in one hand and an assortment of fruit in the other. This elf is DIMITRI, our protagonist. He is preparing to try and slice fruit in the air using his sword.

CUT: Close up of Dimitri, focused on getting this right. He takes a breath, and braces himself.

CUT: Side shot of Dimitri, he pulls his arm back, and throws the fruit upwards.

CUT: Slow-motion of the fruit ascending through the air.

BACK TO: Dimitri, sword ready, eye on the fruits, ready to strike.

He goes to swing, but hesitates and loses focus mid-strike. He covers himself as the fruit comes crashing down, a few bouncing off his head. He stumbles to the ground.

He frowns and groans slightly, disappointed at failing his stunt.


Dimitri! Come down, it's dinnertime!

Dimitri turns his head to the left. He gets up off his feet and runs out of the shot.


Dimitri's mother is shown onscreen from the waist up. She is similar in appearance to Dimitri, though with longer hair and somewhat chubbier. She is in the middle of taking a dish out of an oven.


Oh, this is definitely my masterpiece!

She takes out what she is cooking and turns around, showing off her dish. It is a pasta dish, cooked with a meat sauce and covered in gooey fried cheese.

CUT: The rest of the kitchen. In the middle of the shot, there is a dining table, around which four chairs are placed. Two young girls are seen sitting together at the table, Dimitri's sisters. They too resemble Dimitri, and both have pigtails and are wearing blue dresses. They seem to be twins. In the back of the shot, a hallway is visible. Dimitri's mother is seen at the bottom right, dish in hands.

CUT: Closer at the table, from behind the girls, Dimitri's mother comes in with the dish and lays it on the table, facing the girls and smiling. Steam is seen coming from the dish.

CUT: The hallway, which has three doorways in it. Dimitri emerges from one of them and walks towards the camera.

CUT: The same wide shot of the kitchen, this time with Dimitri entering the shot. He walks towards the dining table and take one of the two open seats.

CUT: Side shot of Dimitri at the table, the full table is in view. The girls are seen at the table, looking eagerly at the food, utensils in hand.

Dimitri's mother comes on screen, with four wooden bowls in her arms. She places them on the table in front of Dimitri and his sisters.

CUT: We're facing Dimitri's mother now, dish in sight. She produces a ladle from behind her and scoops up the food.

CUT: Close up of the girl's bowls, the ladle with food appears on-screen, and food is dropped onto the bowls. We pan up to the girls, who lick their lips in anticipation, smiling.

CUT: Close up of Dimitri's bowl, the ladle once again enters the shot and food is put into the bowl. We pan up to Dimitri, looking down at the bowl. This appears to have lightened his mood.

CUT: Facing the other empty chair. Dimitri's mother scoops up the last of the food and plops it into her bowl. She then takes a seat in the empty chair. She looks over at Dimitri and smiles.

CUT: Same side shot of the table, the entire family is now seated. They dig in, the girls being noticeably more vicious eating the food.

CUT: Dimitri's mother, who is eating, she is facing Dimitri.


So Dimmy...

CUT: Dimitri, eating, he stops upon hearing his mother and he looks at her.

BACK TO: Dimtri's mother.


You're growing up very fast, and at your age, you must have a clear idea of what you wanna do with your life, don't you?

BACK TO: Dimitri, whose eyes are facing away from his mother, his eyes then come back to facing her.


Well, I wanna become a blacksmith.

BACK TO: Dimitri's mother, who looks pleasantly surprised.

More coming soon.

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